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Recording the Vibes

Sat, Jun 5, 2021 | Read in 3 minutes


It’s everywhere and you can hear almost everyone talk about it.

It’s not good or bad. It just is.

Right now, I am enjoying all the vibrations of abundance. Yes, I could say I manifested a course today. And wow.

It feels calm yet it feels almost… unrealistic!

That is probably my favorite word for this season.

The course is about healing and shifting from past beliefs when it comes to money and abundance.

See, even just saying that makes us want to cringe a little, right?

Money seems to be such a taboo topic and I feel it is safe to normalize saying that money and learning about money is… actually… okay.

In fact, it’s more than okay. And everyone can have more of it if they wanted to. Honestly.

Maybe some hustle harder for it or plan and strategise for it, while others receive it and stumble upon it “accidentally.” Regardless, if they want it, they have it, as Ariana Grande sings in 7 Things.

Manifesting this course also feels kind of rebellious. I feel a little more expansive the way I am challenging the very beliefs that grew with me, especially when it comes to abundance. And being rebellious and expansive is not always comfortable.

Still… it simply feels right.

It feels like taking action towards what my heart wants for me.

How many times do we say that in a day?

You are taking action towards what your heart wants for you.

Imagine if you can say that about yourself more times than you can imagine in your head. How fulfilling your days would be.

And I know some circumstances aren’t ideal to do what is in your heart. But that is the point of creativity and resourcefulness and persistence and patience and all the things we learn throughout this wild journey.

All these things we learn as we go towards achieving our greatest, deepest desires. It’s not about the desire. It’s what the desire makes and molds you to be along the way.

It’s not easy and it’s not always your fault.

Money is something we just don’t talk about enough in terms of abundance. For some reason, we like talking about it in terms of scarcity and even make jokes about how broke we are. Why isn’t anyone making jokes about how rich they are? (Except for money coaches.)

Sometimes I think we are sabotaging our own capacity. To be fair, jokes are what they are and taking things too seriously? Not the vibe.

However, it is safe to have fun AND be empowering towards yourself too!

And so I am here for the record to record (lol) this vibration I have now. I hope you can feel it, too!

You are abundant! Money is energy. You are so capable of changing the way you think about money. It is not at all tied to your worth!

You are worthy because you are!

You are abundant with all the love, money, creativity, and light this world, this Universe, has to offer.

You are inherently worthy of anything you desire.