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There’s no way I’m not going to live up to my full potential

Sun, Dec 8, 2019 | Read in 2 minutes

This line struck me. I heard it from a movie called, The Last Word.

Pardon my French but… fuck, this line was true to me. There is no way I’m not going to live up to my full potential.

I know there’s a lot of pressure when it comes to living up to our full potentials but, what else is there to life than to strive to maximize it even in little ways each day?

I started this blog with a mantra and that mantra was, Little by little. As a new mother, there were some things I couldn’t just do on my own whenever I felt like it. I am now responsible for another human person besides myself. And for a while, I thought that was so limiting.

It must be my inner Sagittarius struggling to break free from routine and responsibility but it was wrong. I was not limited to caring for my child. Physically, I had to have boundaries. Everyone has boundaries and limits. But creatively, I fucking soared!

Free as a bird to do, think, and say what I want.

Because when you’re a new parent, you’re still you but so much more knowledgeable about what life is really all about.

Did you guess the secret, too? You’re life is not just about you.

And when you’re a parent, you’re intrinsically hyper-aware of that fact. Yes, you can do things for you to take care of you but it’s not just about you. More than anything, your life is also how you share it with others.

So, limited as my physical conditions may be, I found time in-between my child’s naps and hours of sleep to create and be creative. To express and to consume. To connect and to learn.

They say life is about choices. Whatever happens to you, the choice is whether you let it happen or you make things happen. That’s what being resilient is all about. And that’s why there’s no way I’m not living up to my fully potential.

You shouldn’t, too.