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This is the real me

Sat, Sep 1, 2018 | Read in 2 minutes

In all fairness, I wanted to do my makeup for this day. However, between breastfeeding and having minimal sleep, I thought to myself, whatever.

It’s not like the day will not happen if I didn’t wear makeup anyway. I would certainly look more alive with an eyeliner probably. But the question is: will I really look alive, though? Or will 2 hours of sleep still show… One will never know.

Yep, that’s me sans makeup and flashy hairdo. Now move along. 🤣

Natural and real are the same

I’m bringing to you this post to argue that natural and real are the same. At my most natural state, such as in the picture above, I am as real as it gets. Not counting scientific arguments of what is real or not, I’m referring to human realness. You know, being authentic and, as Bretman Rock would say, or whatevah. When you go au naturele, nothing else speaks realness louder than that or whatevah.

#momlife is real

On the same note, #momlife is manifesting itself every damn day. Usually, my hair is up so it won’t get in the way of me and my child. I don’t wear makeup most days because, between changing diapers and staying indoors 8 days a week, who has the time? And frankly, who has the nerve to care and judge?

Aesthetics and makeup is also real

Let’s face it, makeup does wonders for the inevitable eyebags. It makes one look fresher and improves quality of life (just kidding–I don’t know what I’m saying). Wearing makeup doesn’t make you less of a person.

Truth be told, makeup tends to be at the shallow end of the”true beauty” spectrum. But wearing makeup doesn’t hurt. What hurts is if you don’t wear makeup and you give someone a heart attack when they see you because they are finally convinced that World War Z is a true-to-life story. (Still just kidding–I still don’t know what’s up with me today. I seriously just need to sleep more. LOL.)

Anyhow, I hope you liked this weird, totally random post. I just thought of spreading a few smiles and snickers here and there for a change out of the usual pondering life stuff. Have a day! 🙂