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Tough, rough, and disciplined

Fri, Apr 20, 2018 | Read in 2 minutes

“In the DC comics universe, a planet called “Htrae” (“Earth” spelled backwards) is populated with bizarre versions of superheroes. A Seinfeld episode made the idea of this Bizarro World popular, where the characters encountered their opposite selves. Craft a scene in which you meet an opposite version of yourself — or a story in a bizarre, backwards world.”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks.

He is tough, rough, and disciplined. He is the opposite of me. He is called, Eniale.

I met Eniale in a world called Htrae, a far off universe that has recently been known to mankind. I remember vividly how Eniale acted before me. I almost couldn’t relate to him as a person. He was the very definition of annoying.

I was irritated every time he came near. And when he spoke, it felt like my day has ended. He just wasn’t the kind of person I wanted to hang out with.

But one day, Eniale offered to walk me home. What?! My greatest adversary — my extreme opposite — asking me to allow him to walk me home.

For many days and attempts, I resisted. I hated having to deal with people whom I couldn’t relate an iota with my own personality.

But after a few consistent tries, he finally won me over. He was very persistent and determined, qualities I admired but never labeled myself with. I kind of just went with the flow.

And so I got to know Eniale. And fell in love with our differences. Opposites probably do attract — particularly in human relationships. He wasn’t all that bad. In fact, I think he complements everything I’m not and vice versa.

The best things are yet to come and such things are unpredictable. But that’s the beauty of it. When you don’t expect something beautiful to happen, it becomes even more exquisite when it does.

Disclaimer: This post is a work of fiction. Everything is made up for entertainment purposes only. 😉

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