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On Truthful Pricing

Sat, May 8, 2021 | Read in 2 minutes

I was looking at a particular product by a very well known coach.

And I wanted to be able to buy this product.

It so happened that she was promoting this same product that I’ve been wanting to purchase!

And I was so excited.

She was discounting the price!

Buying this product seemed like a no-brainer because of how much was slashed off the price.

But I knew the original price.

And I knew she had increased the original price and added the discount so now the discounted amount was actually closer to the original price.

It was sad.

And the saddest thing was: I still wanted to buy this product.

I had contemplated whether or not to talk about this topic in public.

And I did give this coach the benefit of the doubt. I tried to look at things from another perspective and, yes, this coach WAS entitled to price her products the way she wanted. She deserved to price them the way she deems worthy. She had every right to do so.

She is no doubt a great coach and offers valuable work to her audience.

It was just the slightly “manipulative” nature of how she did it that bugged me.

I feel that the way to truly gain anyone’s trust is to be transparent and authentic about your prices and your business.

I thought twice about not writing this because, at the very deepest part of me, was one of my core values: Honesty.

I wouldn’t be starting and keep continuing to create all this content without my core values.

And if this post even made anyone consider being more truthful and honest about their prices and discounts, it would have served its purpose.