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What It Takes to Grow

Sat, Jun 26, 2021 | Read in 2 minutes

“What is happening?"

You might feel so irritated that an old, painful issue in your life is coming up again.

“WHY?", you ask. “Why did this have to happen again? Didn’t I clear this up already?"

You thought you had already cleared and healed this. You thought your were doing so much good already.

And that’s okay. It’s okay to feel that way. It’s safe to feel and question things. It’s always safe to be YOU.

You feel this now AND you get to move past this because, in the future, this will just be a very small blip on your radar.

Long term growth calls for a transformation and transformation is exactly what is happening right now for you.

This is an exercise in acknowledging the root causes of the issues.

This pain will not simply disappear completely without doing the work.

The same as you will never feel comfortable to do and be what you desire if you always waited for the right and ideal circumstances to happen.

But this doesn’t have to be forever.

Like all things, nothing is permanent. And I know it’s hard to picture yourself being on the other side when you’re in pain because all you feel is pain.

But nothing is permanent. Not even this pain.

I see you suffer and struggle and whimper and sob and I can almost, almost feel the agony and hurt. And it’s okay.

It might be tomorrow or a second from now, but the pain will eventually be over, and you will recover because that’s what you always do.

You get to shift everyday, every moment if you have to. You get to slowly but surely shift if that’s what it takes to grow.

But the struggle is not always necessary. The staying in the feeling of powerlessness is so not necessary at all.

You get to bring back your power by protecting your boundaries and setting your energetic minimums.

You are so capable of seeing beyond this very small thing that irritates you. It is nothing compared to how much the Universe or God or whatever Higher Being you believe in supports you.

You were always supported. You were always loved.

You were always so worthy.

You deserve the best this life has to offer.

You are worthy because you are and you are not alone. The entire universe is behind you.