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When Dark Plans Go Awry

Mon, Aug 17, 2009 | Read in 2 minutes

I’m so frustrated. I’m so agitated. And I’m so wild with stress, if there ever is such a state.

Remember, oh valued reader, that I vowed in my twitter page for revenge? Well, look how it turned out (see above pic).

Above this post, ladies and gentlemen, is a very much concrete example, thank you, of a child so lost in the darkness (x_x) that is called Pharmacology. She is scared, anxious. Her future is uncertain.

Yes- to cut all the crappy stuff I was planning to say- my brain has just been on an escapade. I have just taken my Pharmacology midterm exam… and look what it made me do to this unsuspecting, innocent blog.

I’m a broken man… or woman.

Imagine I spent all night studying since 4pm yesterday and I haven’t slept until now. And it’s 5:30 pm! And all the time I was looking down at that book by Amy Karch contemplating on the idea that she could be my new BFF. And how did I look like at the end of the exam? I looked almost exactly like this…


Except you can’t see the nose bleeding… profusely.

What, more than 10 hours of studying and still I couldn’t get it. And you thought you were stressed?

Anyway. I shall recover in 5 seconds…

My day has been productive. I bought stuff for the house. I went playing pingpong with mah pareng Corpee. Overall, I’m feeling slightly elevated from my previous state of depression.

Can somebody give me a backrub? Hahah. No, no. I know you wanna hit me with the first long, hard thing you see behind you. Thanks anyway to myself. For bein cool… despite bein hot. Hahah.

Duck, why the duck am I so conceited? Is it still called conceit if it’s the truth? Hahahah.

I ain’t takin’ that back. Hahahah.

Have an exotic day, pare. Wooh!

elaineaqs 🙂