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When there is no end point

Tue, Jun 16, 2020 | Read in 2 minutes

And everyday is a mess. That’s okay. When everything seems blurry and confusing, that is okay.

I’ve been talking with my wonderful, creative, courageous coach, Meg Kissack from That Hummingbird Life, recently. And we came upon this beautiful idea of a blog post about not reaching success (the end point) yet staying in the mess and feeling that that is still okay.

Because you don’t need to get to the end of your journey towards success to feel okay.

You can feel okay now.

You can be happy now.

You can find calm, peace, and abundance… now.

You don’t have to wait. There is no end point.

All we can do is embrace the messy middle because, as long as we have life, we will always still be in the middle. There is always room for improving and learning from new mistakes.

I am in the thick of re-discovering and deeply exploring my creative self as well. In this blur and confusion, I find peace in knowing that I don’t need an end point to feel clear and focused and successful. Goals and challenges are mighty helpful but the process of going through what it takes is also as fulfilling as reaching the goal.

So for this week, I want you to remember that it’s okay to feel confused and unclear most days. And sometimes it might even look like you’re never going to get your shit together. I feel that a lot too!

But as long as you’re trying, as long as you’re showing up for the work, creative projects, and goals you want to accomplish someday, no matter if you’re strapped for time, no matter if your goals don’t seem to make sense, you are doing the best work you can at this stage!

You are creating something you will be proud of when you look back at all of this. There are no end points. There’s just you and now and your creativity in this moment. 🙂