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Sun, Jan 3, 2021 | Read in 4 minutes

So far, things have been a little bit far from planned.

Given the state of this year, that may very well be the ultimate understatement of the century.

Let’s just say that, even though things happened that we did not expect, they still happened FOR us. FOR you.

Continuing from last year

In January 2019, when I was 29 years old and my daughter was barely a year old, I (supposedly) experienced my first Saturn return. I just know this in hindsight now because I never really knew about Saturn returns at the time it was happening.

It turns out that, in Astrology, Saturn returns are pivotal moments in your life when you are faced with your responsibilities and getting your shit together. I think, that about encompasses all that I’ve been through that year, starting in January of that year. Lol.

For sure, I was re-organizing the way my life looked. And with a new baby in tow at the time, I wasn’t sure how or why but, in my gut, I knew I could do it. I could go through it learning something valuable. For some reason, I felt deeply, creatively supported.

In 2019, I started organizing my goals within three categories: Coding, Writing, and Yoga (mercury in Capricorn, whatsup).

Little did I know, those goals were prepping me for a stint in vlogging and podcasting more than writing/ blogging later down the road.

After batching my vlogs and content for the second half of 2019, I was optimistic about continuing this endeavor all throughout 2020.

Messy 2020

But life had other plans for me… well, for all of us… this year.

I made quite the intricate plan of starting a simple online small business, selling content and coaching services.

I manifested coaching sessions sponsored by a creator I admired so much.

I got to make the best of my accountability with my coach by continuing content creation and even tried to sell my first e-book.

In 2020, I intended to vlog more and create content consistently. On that front, I can’t say I was very successful but for the best reason… I finally landed my dream job as a… wait for it!… WEB DEVELOPER!

Web F*cking Developer. Me?! Oh my freaking goodness. Three months in at the time of writing this and I still feel how surreal all this is.


Being a web developer has been a dream for sooo long. At first, I didn’t even think this dream would see the light of day. It was just too faraway. But a company I admire, BossBabe{.rank-math-link}, was hiring and I thought, “Well, what the heck, I’ll take my chances as a web developer, too.” So I update my resume et voila! God is good.

So I haven’t been posting as actively, except here on the blog (barely) since around October of 2020.


Together, we’ve gone through one of the most morbid times in world health history. And I wonder what’s next. If anything, 2020 has given us, as Gary Vaynerchuk{.rank-math-link} would say, perspective.

From quite a young age, when my family and I had experienced (for lack of a better word) poverty, I already had perspective. As the eldest, becoming the mother of the family, so to speak, at twelve years old, I’m damn sure I know what perspective meant.

But it’s different with a pandemic. There’s some kind of a collective grief and somehow also resilience.

And with 2021, there has to be some kind of hope. Not that everything will be easy or better. But hope that we can somehow go through the deepest of emotions and mental battles and yet remain steadfast in our will and heart. The kind of strength that doesn’t always show but is, more importantly, always felt.

And, with that, my word for 2021 is…


Go where your heart takes you. Go where there is joy. Go with the flow when things are hard to bear. Don’t even try to swim against the current but feel it and acknowledge its presence and do what you can and go where you can anyway.

No more quarterly, 1-year, and 3-year plans, or clean, categorized goals. Simply move with intention towards a life of joy. No waiting to experience and feel how it would feel like to be living a life you love. But loving it now.